2015 Elk Hunt | Northern British Columbia

They say there is no more resounding sound than silence.

Or at least those prone to the poetic do.

This means different things in different parts of the world. In the heart of a city the noise mixes together so completely as to create a type of silence. A blend of smells and sounds that together form the constant motion that gives the city its life. Car horns and cross walk indicators, the steam from sewer vents and the mingled conversations of a thousand microcosm meetings as people pass each other on streets and in shops. The blend of noises is almost pleasant in its continuity, and for those that live in these places it becomes such a regular part of life as to go unnoticed for its uniqueness.

However, contrary to common thought the days in the valleys and mountainsides of the north are not as silent as expected. It is merely a different form of noise. The faint crack of deadfall timber settling to earth, the crunch of frost underfoot after a cold night, and the wind shaking leaves from the trees as summer sheds its clothing in preparation for winter.

And then, if you are fortunate enough, the bugle of a bull Elk will break the silence. It starts softly, building in intensity as your head swivels to try and find the source of the sound echoing across the valley. It ends with a roar, followed by the staccato grunts that are so indicative of the animal.

This sound is addictive, and when heard you can almost feel thousands of years of hunters turning their heads to the same sound at this time of year. The rut is close to beginning, and the bulls are journeying their solitary paths to find mates; offering challenge in the form of their cry to others that might cross their path.

These moments are why we hunt, the moments that connect us to our past and ourselves, generations of men and women following fathers and mothers into the wild places of the world to test themselves against millennia of evolution. Hunting has so very little to do with killing, and so much more to do with living.

That thought is hard to explain to those that do not find their peace in the quiet places. I lack the words to adequately express it.

This brings us back to silence. When we leave our cities and towns, we leave behind the noise and complexity of the city. We connect to a time when hunting was not just a pastime, but also a necessity. Connecting to a place that surrounds us with its own version of silence that can be deafening in its own right.

So I suppose, in retrospect, maybe there is no more resounding sound than that.




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Greg & Noeleane | Married | Harper Mountain

There is a curious strength of character to the people that choose to live within the mountains. These people form the solid foundations that lifelong friendships, loves, and family are built on. All it takes it a moment spent in silence, watching the type of people they surround themselves with. These people are passionate in every aspect of their lives, and that love exuded from every person at this wedding as vibrant as the sunset outside the ski lodge. I met Greg on the rock, tied at the hip a friendship formed that no matter the distance, or the time spent apart, that feels as strong and permanent as the crags we love to climb. Noeleane and Greg, your wedding was a fairytale day spent with the people closest to you. It was an honour and privilege to not just attend your wedding as the photographer, but as a friend.
Climb On!

Hair: Sandy Siebel
Makeup: Lucy’s Makeup Artistry

Venue: Harper Mountain



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Cody & Tiana | Married | Scotch Creek

As we got into the car I glanced across at Cody, checking, as is the wedding photographers prerogative, for signs of nerves. Ready with a distracting story to help calm the groom I was surprised when he, having done the same check, said quietly “Doing alright Andrew?” Thats the type of guy Cody is. On his wedding day, his beautiful wife pregnant with their soon to arrive daughter, he still had the presence of mind to make sure everyone around him was doing ok. I replied, trying to keep the shock out of my voice “Yeah, stressed, but good” he laughed “Me too man” and we drove in companionable silence to do a quick photo session with Tiana. Cody and Tiana became more than clients long ago, with countless phone calls and messages making us feel as close to this wedding as family. And I admit, when Tiana stepped through those doors into the ceremony site and I spun to catch Cody’s reaction, there was a lump in my throat the size of an apple. An amazing day surrounded by passionate people, Cody and Tianas wedding was one I will never forget, and we are blessed that we not only got to spend their day with them, but have gained two incredible friends as well. Cheers Cody and Tiana. You are going to make incredible parents.



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Daniel & Becky | Married | Clearwater

They say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day. Well these two skirted the storm for a beautiful ceremony at Birch Island, just outside of Clearwater BC. The rain held off until the reception and the day was perfectly framed by lots of laughter and love. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years with this bridal party, and I knew from the start this would be an incredible wedding. Congratulations Becky and Daniel! Thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!!





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Richard & Aeriol | Married | St. Julien L’ars

There are moments in life when time seems to slow to a crawl. Moments when you can almost count the heartbeats were you inclined to do so. Moments so special you hold your breath, as if such a simple act would break the spell and time would speed up again. Aeriol and Richards wedding ceremony was a string of such moments, one after another. It was an honour to have been asked, over a cider at the Hobgoblin Pub in Bristol, England last year, to photograph their wedding in St. Julien L’ars, France. Some friendships defy the usual boundaries of space, and no matter how far apart the four of us are, or for how long, it always feels like being amongst family. I would write more, but I will let the photos do the talking just this once. Aeriol, Richard, from both Samantha and I, all the love in the world, and congratulations. Thank you for letting us be a part of your day.



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