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Tim & Darcie | Married | Kamloops

Darcie and Tims wedding day felt like being amongst family. After so many weddings I have shot with this group all the familiar faces made spending the day with these two and their bridal party less likeĀ I was working, and more as if I was spending time with old friends. Darcie and Tim, your day […]

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Brock & Kiara | Married | Kamloops

In theory wedding days are just as much about two families becoming one as it is about the bride and groom. You have family members meeting for the first time as they seat themselves for the ceremony. This was not the case with Brock and Kiara. The families had been so close for so long, […]

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Joseph & Anne-Sophie | Married | Sooke

As I have so often before I found myself standing at the front of a wedding ceremony, the weight of my cameras hanging from a shoulder, and gripped loosely, ready to be brought up when the groom starts walking down the aisle. The weight was comforting, and on a day when my heart should have […]

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Mark & Kathleen | Married | Kamloops

I met Mark and Kathleen around Christmas time. On one of the coldest days of the year we made our way into the hills around Paul Lake for engagement photos, and amidst chattering teeth and rosy cheeks I quickly learned that these two are as perfect for each other as any couple I had ever […]

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Justin & Rochelle | Married | Kamloops

You can tell a lot about a person from a smile. When I met Justin his smile stretched from ear to ear, as welcoming as any smile I have ever seen. Rochelles smile lit up the room, and while it didn’t share the boistorous and exuberant nature of Justins, it was all the more powerful […]

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