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2015 Elk Hunt | Northern British Columbia

They say there is no more resounding sound than silence. Or at least those prone to the poetic do. This means different things in different parts of the world. In the heart of a city the noise mixes together so completely as to create a type of silence. A blend of smells and sounds that […]

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Maxwell Maydaniuk

I have spent the last half an hour attempting to type this. I write a few lines, rewrite them, delete them. And start all over. And I am afraid, as cliche as it sounds, there really are no words to describe how amazing today has been. Chris was the best man at my wedding, and […]

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Nightingale Armor | Beebichu Cosplay.

Today we were out for another session with Beebichu cosplay. Modified the costume slightly, with a slightly different theme. We thought to brighten up the Nightingale character with some twilight images. . Be sure to check out Beebichu cosplay on Facebook and Deviantart! . Photos from our winter session can be found at: .

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Nightingale Armor | Skyrim Cosplay.

When Amanda Eccleston of Beebichu Cosplay ( approached me to capture some images of her latest costume, I admit I was a bit confused as to what Cosplay was. However, after seeing the costume, and creating some winter forest photos for Amanda, I was hooked.  It was an absolute pleasure to shoot. . Enjoy a […]

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Olivia Lightfoot

In my years of photography, my hands have never shaken as badly as they did as I pulled a flash and diffuser dome from my camera bag today. I thought to myself “will the flash hurt her eyes? Should I bounce it? Yeah, Ill bounce it, not diffuse it, ok, maybe….is that even better? What […]

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