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We’re back in the chair with Nick Neu. Extending his full-sleeve onto his chest with a dragon by Sean at Boldersyde Custom Tattoos in Kamloops. Sean and Nick invited me into the shop today to grab a few quick snaps of the process, with some proper portraits to come once the skin has healed. Unbelievable […]

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Ramsey and Taqueesha.

It is rare that I have the opportunity to photograph such dear friends as Ramsey and Taqueesha Lightfoot. And it is rarer still that I am in the studio. These two left their maternity photos to just about the last minute, with Taqueesha and Ramsey expecting their little girl sometime within the next week. Taqueesha […]

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Matt and Nick | Stegosaurus. On Fire.

Every once in awhile. Ideas come along, spur of the moment ideas, that just need to be acted upon. And for two car enthusiasts whos insistence on driving ridiculous amounts burns many a dead and converted dinosaur (aka: Fossil Fuels), what tattoo would be more appropriate? Well played Nick and Matt. And amazing job by […]

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Journey. Kamloops to Ft. St John.

Today myself and Pat Valade of drove 13 hours through British Columbia and Alberta to reach a northern wedding location for the weekend. Along the way we stopped and grabbed some pictures of a friendly Bull Elk near Jasper, Alberta. Here are a few pictures of our trip. We will update with more after […]

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I have no portrait update from this weekend as I took it off for a much needed camping trip. I figured I would share a few images from the weekend. With my good friend Luke, we enjoyed an evening of silence, with nothing but the crackle of a campfire and gentle roar of a creek […]

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